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Ibis Biographies At Ibis we realize how the consequences of our everyday actions directly affect the environment. Our team continually explores and evolves environmentally sound building strategies, and utilizes cutting edge sustainable materials to minimize the development's negative impact on local communities and the environment. We have all been immersed in the ideas and practical implications of sustainability most of our lives. Ibis is the realization of our common goals.

Joe Marshall is a financial consultant working primarily with companies in the natural organic foods industry to provide them a path for sustainable business success. Joe's business acumen has also been realized in his management of real estate investments for high wealth principals in private partnership ventures. He holds an MBA from Harvard University and a BS in Accounting from UC Berkeley.

Robert Nissenbaum is a pioneer in the natural organic foods industry. As a founder and CEO of Imagine Foods, one of the world's largest privately held natural food companies prior to its sale in 2002, he helped bring organic food products into the more widespread consumer consciousness.

Steve Sheldon is an architect, general building contractor and developer who has been making a "green" impact in Sonoma County for the last 30 years. The core principals from which Steven evolves his sustainable and environmentally sound designs include: energy efficiency and conservation of resources; economy of space while creating a sense of spaciousness; utilization of natural light; and the seamless integration of buildings with their surrounding landscape.

Gary Ratway is a landscape architect skilled in creating gardens that nurture the humans in them. Gary crafts climate specific, complexly layered compositions that truly integrate the buildings within the landscape forms. He is principal designer for Integrated Design Landscaping and Co-Owner of Digging Dog Nursery.

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