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Ibis Consulting At Ibis we welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience in the area of property development. Beginning with conception/feasibility studies through design/construction and ongoing property maintenance/management, our experience - both with success and mistakes - is a valuable asset to potential projects. Our involvement can be in the form of consultation and/or varying degrees of partnership depending on specific project and organization needs.


The challenges we must address as green builders and developers requires that we fully leverage our professional skills and knowledge. To this end we have developed an integrative design process. All projects participants - owners, financiers, planners, architects, engineers, builders, realtors are brought on board at the inception and participate, in varying degrees, throughout the projects development. An engineer or contractor can spot an architectural issue early in the design process avoiding costly redesign down the road. A realtor may see the addition of certain design elements as advantageous to future marketing. Creating new innovative solutions requires many perspectives. This process also empowers the project participants. The value and economy of a comprehensive design process is realized again and again as a project tracts its way through the construction, occupancy and ongoing management phases.


The manner in which a building project grows from a concept to a reality is a living process. People, ideas and opportunities come together at a moment in time to create a new reality. The circumstances surrounding each project are different and so are the people and partnerships. We look for and will evaluate opportunities for participation whenever they occur.

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